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Crossout – developer blogs (Vehicle Stats)

If you like vehicles, fighting and post apocalyptic world of Crossout - there are these two new dev-blogs from November and December just for you. They show us some interesting information about in-game vehicles and their stats. This post apocalyptic game allows a lot of upgrades to make your car the best and most dangerous vehicle in this stark world. There are 7 parameters you can see and learn about.

First dev-blog focuses at TEC level, Energy and Structure.

  • TEC level – one of the main stats, as it limits the number of parts you can mount onto your ride

  • Energy – each piece of hardware, weapons need energy to work 

  • Structure – vlue which represents your ride’s structural integrity

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In the second one developers wants to present knowledge about Mass, Power, Acceleration, XP bonus and Parts condition.

  • Mass – a vehicle’s mass will significantly affect its handling.

  • Power – the more powerful the engine is in relation to the vehicle’s mass, the higher the maximum speed will be

  • Acceleration –  heavier and less powerful rides would take a lot more time to reach their cruising speed

  • XP bonus –  experience gained in battles can be increased.

  • Parts conditions –  some parts of you ride can get damaged or worn out

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Official links:

Devblog: Vehicle Stats – with developer's answers 

Devblog: Vehicle Stats. Part II 

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