CrossCode: A New Home DLC Announced

CrossCode developer Radical Fish Games has announced the DLC chapter A New Home that has a release date of February 26th for PC and Mac. It will add new content to the base game, as well as an epilogue that takes place after the end of the main story.

CrossCode: A New Home DLC Announced Cover

Developer Radical Fish Games has announced DLC for their 16-bit inspired action RPG CrossCode, named A New Home. This new content acts as the long-awaited epilogue chapter to the indie RPG that was first released on PC in 2018. The single player RPG blends sci-fi with fantasy by being set in an MMO of the future, and takes inspiration from classics from the early ‘90s like Secret of Mana or The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, but with modernised controls and mechanics.

The DLC adds new story content that takes place after the end of the original game, as well as new quests and areas added in to the base game. It also includes a whole new dungeon named Ku’lero Temple, which is set to be the biggest in the game so far, as well as a new major puzzle mechanic. In addition, the raid that appeared in the base game but was cut short as part of the story will now be playable in full. New music will also be featured composed by はがね/STEEL_PLUS. The developers also stated that this new content has been made incorporating feedback from players on the difficulty of the base game, particularly in regards to puzzles that required tight timing to pull off.

CrossCode: A New Home is set to release on February 26th for PC and Mac, with a release for the console versions coming later in the summer.

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