Cross-Play And Cross-Progression Coming To Ubisoft Games Via New Ubisoft Connect Service

Worried about the progress of your Ubisoft games not carrying over to next-gen? Fear not. Ubisoft Connect is a new service that introduces cross-progression and cross-play to Ubisoft titles. The new service launches next week, just in time for the next-generation consoles.

Cross-Play And Cross-Progression Coming To Ubisoft Games Via New Ubisoft Connect ServiceUbisoft has unveiled a new service called Ubisoft Connect that will introduce cross-play and cross-progression between its games. The new service combines with Uplay and the Ubisoft Club services into one app. 

Following the announcement, Stephanie Perotti, Vice President of Online Services said:

Next-generation gaming goes beyond technological improvements and better graphics, To us, as a creator and publisher, it is about bringing more fluidity and versatility to the experience, to have the freedom to play games on whatever device and with whoever you want. Ubisoft Connect is our take on a new seamless experience to not only ease the transition between generations and platforms, but also be the starting point for new services that further contribute to new, more player-centric ways of enjoying games.

Ubisoft Connect will allow players to take their progress from some of their favourite Ubisoft games and ones launching in the future between consoles, PC and most importantly, between generations. 


Watch Dogs: Legion, for example, launches next week for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The next-gen version will launch a few weeks later coinciding with the consoles. Players can start the game on current-gen and then move over, taking their progression with them.

Like Ubisoft Club, Connect will enable players to earn in-game XP and rewards so there is always something to grind for.

Ubisoft Connect launches next Thursday, 29th October.