Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion: Launch Details

Final Fantasy VII: Remake's prequel gets a launch date with the latest announcement from Nintendo's Direct Livestream. The new trailer for Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion also shows off some more gameplay footage that stays faithful to the PSP original.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion: Launch DetailsSquare Enix announced the launch date of the new Crisis Core remake during Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct Livestream. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is planned to release on December 13th of this year for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Steam, and Xbox.

The game was originally announced back in June during the 25th Anniversary celebrations of the original Final Fantasy VII. During an interview in July, producer Yoshinori Kitase stated that fans should consider Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion a part of the larger FFVII Remake efforts, hinting that it might not be a 1 to 1 remake or remaster of the PSP entry. Possibly good news for those of us who got emotional at the ending of the original.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII follows Zack Fair, a young SOLDIER operative who works for the Shinra Electric Power Company. Zack dreams of making it to 1st class under the tutelage of his mentor Angeal, and his hero, Sephiroth. It acts as a prequel to Final Fantasy VII offering more details about the FF7 world as a whole, and the characters and objects that populate it. Such as a certain flower girl, mako energy, and the famous Buster Sword.

Japan's exclusive deluxe edition.

Japan’s exclusive deluxe edition.

Pre-orders for standard and ‘Hero’s Legacy’ steelbook copies of the game are live now on most retailers. However, Japan wins again with a deluxe edition exclusive box. Styled after the confiscated letters you-know-who sends to Zack, this edition includes an artbook, a Zack Fair kai-arts figure and a mini soundtrack.

SOURCE: Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion Launch Trailer

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