Creative Assembly Announces New Total War Collectible Card Game

Creative Assembly has joined forces with Chinese services company NetEase, to bring a brand new collectible card game to the Chinese market, based on their Total War series. The CCG is just one of several projects the developer is working on, targeted specifically at the second largest gaming market in the world. Total War: Arena is also expected to be released in China with the help of NetEase.
Creative Assembly Announces New Total War Collectible Card Game

Creative Assembly Announces New Total War Collectible Card Game

The Total War: Three Kingdoms developer continues its push into the Chinese market with a brand new collectible card game called Total War: Elysium. Not much is known about the CCG but from the artwork we can assume that you will take on the role of any number of famed or infamous generals, controlling various military units. 

Creative Assembly is working with the online service company, NetEase, to bring the card game to the Chinese PC & mobile market. They also hope to launch the game worldwide at a later date. In conjunction, the company announced that they have resurrected their cancelled game, Total War: Arena, believing that the game will do very well in China. 

Creative Assembly announces new collectable card game

Details remain under wraps, but artwork suggests you will play as a variety of historical generals

In a Q&A, the developer assured western fans who may worry about the threat of unwanted censorship that nothing will change, saying:

“We keep full control of our studio, our titles, our road map, and the support we give our community. We’ll work closely with NetEase to deliver on player needs in China specifically, but if you live anywhere else you won’t even notice. Business as usual.”

Getting a game published in China is no easy task, especially if the game involves taking creative licence with significant moments in Chinese history. Creative Assembly needed to have an agreement with a publisher within China to bring their games to a market estimated to be worth $30.8 billion as of 2018.

 Total War: Three Kingdoms is available to purchase on Steam for £44.99. 

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