Creative Assembly announces Bretonnia content pack for 2017

It seems you'll be able to conquer the Old World in your Total War: Warhammer campaigns sooner than you think, as Creative Assembly has just revealed that the Bretonnia race-pack will be available by February 2017. Since the game's release, this is the one human faction that everyones been asking for, more so than any other faction, in fact. And now it seems the fans are finally going to get what they've been asking for.

Creative Assembly announces Bretonnia content pack for 2017
While it certainly wasn't as mysterious as the Wood Elves teaser, Total War: Warhammer fans can expect to see the long awaited Bretonnian faction in the single player campaign, no longer confined to multiplayer battles. As it stands today, there are only a small handful of playable races in the game and the addition of a brand new faction (especially one as beloved as the Bretonnians) is cause to celebrate.

The race pack is coming alongside a new edition of the game, but for the vast majority of players who've already purchased Total War: Warhammer, we've been told that this one is on the house, available for download from Steam on the day of launch sometime in February of 2017. Bretonnians were originally planned for release sometime this year, but the date was pushed back with Creative Assembly on record stating that they wanted to delay because they wanted to add in more content, as well as adding in additional units and a third Legendary Lord.

Don't expect much to be changing in this new edition of the game, except that it will be a physical copy of the game that comes with all of the previously released DLC (including the Chaos Warriors, Beastmen DLC, and others) and a short little novella called The Prince of Altdorf. For those of you who already have the game, you'll be getting everything sans the book. Since I'm personally a Horus Heresy kind of guy, I couldn't tell you anything about this new story. 

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