Crash 4: It’s About Time Announced With October Release Date

Crash Bandicoot is making a long-awaited return as Crash 4: It's About Time has now been officially announced during Summer Games Fest. Recent rumours suggested that the decade long wait for a brand new Crash Bandicoot game was coming to it's end, and you'll be playing it sooner than you think.

Crash 4: It's About Time Announced With October Release Date

Crash Bandicoot hasn’t had a new game in the series for a decade, but that changes this year. Recent rumours suggested that we’d see the marsupial back in action later this year, and a future teaser during Summer Games Fest confirmed this. However, it’s now official, as the recent Crash 4: It’s About Time announcement has many people excited. Toys For Bob revealed a bit of gameplay during the trailer, showing off some new mechanics. Multiple playable characters, classic Crash gameplay, and the release date were all revealed.

An interview between Geoff Keighley and Toys For Bob revealed the game will take place after Crash 3: Warped. Cortex has returned, and Crash must acquire new powers from the Quantum Masks to defeat him. Shown during the trailer were two of the four masks in the game. These masks will give Crash new abilities such as slowing down time and gravity manipulation. These mechanics have been implemented into classic Crash gameplay with the linear level structure and chase sequences the franchise is known for. Players will also be playing as Coco and Cortex in specific levels. Whilst you get to choose between Crash and Coco for the same levels, Cortex will have levels specifically designed for his character, with new mechanics designed just for him.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time - Official Reveal Trailer

Crash 4: It’s About Time looks fantastic, and you’ll be playing it sooner than you think. Recent rumours had the game launching in October, and while the date was slightly off, the rumours were true. The game launches on October 2nd and will be available on PS4 and Xbox One, unfortunately, with no Switch version. 

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