Cozy Indie Game Forgotten Fields Arrives on Kickstarter

Looking for new indie projects to back? Frostwood Interactive has now placed their game, Forgotten Fields, on Kickstarter! Starring a man on a nostalgia quest, travel back to a place where he once called home, and re-live his memories as he comes to terms with "the passage of time."

Atmospheric Indie Game Forgotten Fields Arrives on Kickstarter

The affect of nostalgia is one that has taken hold on human culture for generations. Whether the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, or whatever decade one was born in, there is a distinct attraction to the time of one’s formative years. Enter Forgotten Fields, an indie game that plays devil’s advocate for such indulgence, which has just arrived on Kickstarter for those wishing to see its success.

Starring Sid, an author with a mighty case of writer’s block, on the cusp of missing his deadline. Being sent an invitation by his mother to revisit the home he grew up in—which is about to be sold—he’s obligated to take up the offer for one last visit. Will he find the inspiration he needs? How will he take to the current state of what once was? Forgotten Fields aims to provide “a meditation on impermanence and the shortness of life.”

The Kickstarter campaign is asking for £9,500, which is relatively low for a game of this type of quality. Having received a few hundred at the time of writing and nearly a whole month left, it has a good head start to being fully funded. If this game looks at all appealing, I would highly encourage donating even a little to its campaign.

Forgotten Fields - Reveal Trailer

Frostwood Interactive was also responsible for 2019’s Rainswept. For more input on that, feel free to read our Rainswept review!

Forgotten Fields is also available to wishlist on Steam, with an upcoming demo being available to play during Steam’s Summer Fest (June 16th-22nd).

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