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Control’s Release Date Revealed at Last

Control, the new title announced by Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games, has been circling around the news a lot lately. Well, it just got a release date.

Control's Release Date Revealed at Last
Control was Remedy’s project from before Quantum Break‘s release. It took a long time for it to be announced back in May 2017. You can now have a date to look forward to. August 27, 2019 is the officially announced release date.

This game is an action-adventure title and will focus on a secret governmental agency called Control. You will be controlling a woman named Jesse Faden and, like its predecessor, the gameplay is centered around a unique dynamic.

Control's Release Date Revealed at Last - Control x Quantum Break gameplay comparison.
As is visible in my image demonstration, Quantum Break used its time mechanic as the gameplay center while the new game, Control, will be using elemental and environmental manipulation as her power, which is interesting to say the least. The gun shown in the game is also another main column in the construction of this game’s gameplay. It is gonna be another unique experience provided by Remedy and 505 Games.

Control's Release Date Revealed at Last - Control is gonna be yet another unique experience.
Control’s main character will be a secret governmental agent turned CEO of the Federal Bureau of Control. The environmental design of the game includes supernatural and thriller vibes. This game is looking to turn out pretty good.

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