Controller Packaging Leak Confirms the Existence of the Xbox Series S

The packaging of an Xbox controller, purchased by someone on Instagram, seems to have confirmed the never ending rumours surrounding Microsoft's cheaper next-gen alternative. Recent images have surfaced with some text stating that the controller in question is compatible with the Xbox Series S.

Leaked Controller Packaging Confirms the Existence of the Xbox Series S

“Project Lockhart” is probably the worst kept secret in the game industry at the moment. There are several sources indicating that Microsoft’s secret next-gen console is a cheaper, slimmer version of the Xbox Series X. Adding to the pile of Xbox Series S leaks is some legitimate images of a new Xbox controller. Published by The Verge, these images state that the controller is compatible with the Xbox Series X|S, confirming the existence of Microsoft’s cheaper next-gen console.

According to The Verge, an Instagram user was able to purchase the controller from an independent reseller. The site has since confirmed that the controller packaging is legitimate. Other features on the controller that back up this legitimacy is the new D-Pad and the brand new share button. You can clearly see both on the front of the controller packaging.

Another interesting detail is that the leaked controller is white rather than black. This would imply that the Xbox Series S will be white, as it would be a little strange to sell a white controller alongside a black console. We’ll probably see more details soon as there have been several rumours that “Project Lockhart” will be revealed in August, although there has been no official announcement from Microsoft. 

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