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Control Is Free on the Epic Games Store for a Limited Time

Epic has released a new title from the vault. Control is free on the Epic Games Store for a limited time. Players only need to create a user account to download the full game from the Epic Games launcher. In addition, numerous other games are marked down during the company's Mega Sale running through June 17.

Control Is Free on the Epic Games Store for a Limited Time

The latest title released from the vault on the Epic Games Store is a big one. Control is free on the digital storefront through June 17. 

The game is a 2019 3rd person shooter from the developers at Remedy Entertainment. It features stunning visuals and a sci-fi aesthetic that ventures into the paranormal. If you have powerful enough hardware, this title supports ray tracing and DLSS as well. Play as Jesse Faden and explore the mysterious Federal Bureau of Control (FBC). The gameplay revolves around Jesse’s psychic powers that allow her to move objects in the environment. This ability creates some interesting gameplay situations. 

Control is free through June 17.

Control is free through June 17.

The Epic Games Store typically offers a game for free once a week. During this time, gamers can add the title to their library and download it whenever they choose. You only need to setup an Epic Games account and install their launcher to claim each free release.

Control is a particularly good deal considering that at full price it sells at upwards of $30. It’s important to note that only the base game is free. While the DLC still needs to be purchased, it is also available at discount for a limited time.

In addition to this free game, Epic Games is also running a Mega Sale through June 17. (It ends the same day as the free offer for Control.) Games such as Borderlands 3, Death Stranding, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are all on sale along with many others. Furthermore, an extra $10 coupon can be claimed by signing into your account.     

Control - Official Gameplay Trailer

It’s nice to see high-profile games like this one become available for the community to play for free. It will be interesting to see what other titles the company decides to release from the vault in the future. 

Will you be picking up the game for free before June 17? Let me know in the comments below.  

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