CONSCRIPT, New Take on Survival Horror, Lands on Kickstarter

Providing an intimate view into the terrors of war, CONSCRIPT is a new horror indie title looking for funding on Kickstarter. Inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill, this indie title brings the horrors of reality into the 2D realm. With a little under a month to go, there's plenty of time to help fund the project to life.

CONSCRIPT, New Take on Survival Horror, Lands on Kickstarter

Those looking for a quaint, but detailed trip into the horror genre of gaming may need to look to the indie scene. CONSCRIPT, a game being developed by a single person, has taken its craft to Kickstarter.

Described as being inspired by classics such as Resident Evil and Silent HillCONSCRIPT stars a lone French soldier trying to survive the carnage of World War I. Promising to blend survival with puzzle, the player will have to conserve considerably to be able to make it out alive. “Tense” and with a “unique topdown perspective,” it hopes to leave an unforgettable experience.

With a funding goal of AU$30,000, the game has 27 days to accumulate roughly AU$26,000. If the description thus far seems interesting to you, I would highly encourage you to consider supporting it. Additional gameplay detail can be viewed in the video below:

CONSCRIPT Reveal Trailer

Instead of stretch goals, the campaign for the game will instead incorporate “Social Achievements.” With increased visibility via number of Backers, Twitter followers, Discord members, etc., the developer will add little bonuses to include within the game. Be sure to share it where you can if interested!

CONSCRIPT is currently available to wishlist on Steam, with a playable demo available during the Steam Summer Festival, running from the 16th to 22nd. The game’s intended release date is somewhere in 2021.

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