Concrete Genie Is So Beautiful I Cried

At today’s Sony presentation during Paris Games Week, we were treated to an entirely new game. From developers Pixel Opus, the astounding Concrete Genie is as beautiful as it is original. This intriguing world of beauty and mystery made me cry and I'm not ashamed to admit it

Concrete Genie Is So Beautiful I Cried
In this cartoonish world, we’ll play as a young boy that happens across a magical brush. As the trailer showcases to spectacular effect, this brush is capable of drawing incredible paintings. As the boy continues on his journey of masterful graffiti, we see the painting slowly come to life. Not just in sheer colour and luminescence, but actually moving. Before long, the boy has created fictional monsters that live in the walls and appear to become his friends.

Concrete Genie Is So Beautiful I Cried - Go ahead and cry now
Yet it’s the wider world of this game that is most intriguing. Despite its cartoon-ish visuals, it looks like the world around the boy is a post apocalyptic one. As the trailer continues, we learn Concrete Genie will be dealing with themes of friendship, bullying, loneliness and well… sheer artistry. The combination genuinely brought a tear to my eye. 

Concrete Genie Is So Beautiful I Cried - Painting customisation
Looking more closely at the trailer, one would assume a majority of it is edited from cutscenes. But on closer inspection we can see a HUD on the bottom right, suggesting a fun cinematic experience. We can also see, in the first half of the trailer that the player has deep customisation options when creating these lavish paintings.

Concrete Genie is exclusive to the PS4 and no release date has yet been set. 

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