Company of Heroes 3 Officially Announced, Pre-Alpha Available Now

SEGA's popular strategy franchise returns. Company of Heroes 3 takes the action to the Mediterranean, featuring Italian mountains and North African deserts. Players can register for and participate in the Pre-Alpha from now until August 3rd.

Company of Heroes 3 Officially Announced, Pre-Alpha Available Now

Relic Entertainment has announced that their celebrated strategy series, Company of Heroes, will be returning next year. Company of Heroes 3 will be released on PC in 2022 and will feature World War II battles and stories set in the Mediterranean.

Interested consumers can also head over to today to register for the “CoH-development program”, which gives players access to an extremely early version of the game, as well as contests to design in-game elements. This participatory quality assurance program will be available until August 3rd, 2021.

Company of Heroes 3 - Announce Trailer [PEGI]

Aside from the new geographical locales, Relic promises to showcase “untold stories” from the war and gameplay improvements thanks to the new Essence Engine 5. The new Dynamic Campaign Map gives control over air, land, and sea units as players run supply lines in Allies’ the campaign to retake Italy from Axis forces.

A new feature, Full Tactical Pause, will allow an entire map’s worth of decisions to be made simultaneously, without the stress of doing it all in real-time. Given that it’s been nearly ten years since the last Company of Heroes title, these improvements are sure to be a stark change in how the game plays.

Company of Heroes 3 will release on PC sometime in 2022. Pre-alpha registration is open now. [wpdiscuz-feedback id=”cq7kqlihtl” question=”Are you planning on participating?” opened=”0″]Are you planning on participating?[/wpdiscuz-feedback]

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