Comic Book e-reader Izneo releases on Nintendo Switch

If you like comics and own a Nintendo switch, you're going to be a happy gamer. The new comic book e-reader that just launched on your favorite Nintendo console is available for download. The potential of the tablet-like console may finally be reaching its true potential; by gaining more support by third-party apps to make the Switch the ultimate mobile entertainment device.

Comic Book e-reader Izneo releases on Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch has been out for almost two years and just in the last few months, we have finally gained the ability to read our favorite comics on one of our favorite consoles. In December, Inky Pen launched exclusively on the Switch, giving 10 million users the ability to access a large variety of comics on their console.

Now a new competitor, one which is already on iOS and Android, has arrived on the Switch; Izneo is the second comic book reader that Switch owners have access to since it's launch on Feb. 28th. One of the leading digital comic book apps in Europe, Izneo is a welcome sight on the seven-inch console. To list just some of the amazing publishers and titles that are currently available of the 30,000 comics that are on the app, Dark Horse, Hellboy, and Archie. Because Izneo is an international digital comics platform, it boasts a wide variety of manga and European series. Izneo doesn't just offer us more comics but also improves on Inky Pen by letting you pick up where you left off on any device. Since they aren't exclusive to the Switch, you can start reading on your phone and continue on your Switch later!

One drawback the Switch has is the lack of DC and Marvel, the two largest mainstream comic publishers in the US, comics from their library. Both Izneo and Inky Pen share this problem as they both focus on indie and international titles. Hopefully, we will see a Comixology app arrive on the Nintendo Switch soon enough, so we can read all our favorite superheroes from digital cover-to-cover.

The question that everyone has at the forefront of his/her mind is, "ok but, how much is it?" The service is $7.99 for a monthly subscription, and now there is no option for a free trial, this is because the creators of Izneo are advocates for making sure context creatures get paid for their work. A goal we can all get behind.

Have you tried these comic book readers? What do you think about them? Let us know in the comments.

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