CoD Points now available in Infinite Warfare

After their introduction to the popular first person shooter franchise last year in Black Ops 3, CoD points have made a return to Infinite Warfare. They've been a point of contention for quite a while, offering players a chance to get powerful weapons by shelling out real life money, whereas those who don't would have to spend much longer grinding the game. What do you think of this controversial issue?

CoD Points now available in Infinite Warfare
CoD points really have been a dividing factor in the community. Black Ops 3 saw early acclaim for the availability of its supply drop system, encouraging players to actually play the game to earn rewards, whereas Advanced Warfare had rewarded a pay-to-win system.

However, early into Black Ops 3's life cycle, CoD points were introduced as a currency used to buy Supply Drops, offering varying amounts for suitably increasing monetary value. This was seen by a large portion of the community as the downfall of Black Ops 3, with the introduction of more and more powerful weapons into supply drops, thus increasing the gap between players who will spend a heap of money on supply drops, and those that refuse to.

Now, CoD Points have been made available for purchase in Infinite Warfare, and the community is already just as divided as in Black Ops 3, perhaps even more. CoD Points are purchasable in many different quantities, ranging from 200 to 13,000, with each Rare Supply Drop costing 200 CoD Points. With Infinite Warfare's already existing nature of Weapon Variants, and some of the most powerful being locked behind supply drops, there were already concerns about how pay-to-win the game would become upon introduction, and now that time is upon the community.

CoD Points now available, at the starting price of £1.69, ranging up to £79.99 for 13,000
In particular, this introduction has really caused quite the ruckus. The introduction of CoD Points comes before major features that many argue should have been in the game since release, namely Leaderboards and Combat Records, integral features in Call of Duty games as far back as Black Ops 1. Users point out that there also has not been a PC support patch, with PC being a long-suffering platform for Call of Duty, often seeing rocky launches and instability problems until a support patch eventually comes along.

This time around, Activision and Infinity Ward have also not given users the complimentary 200 CoD Points that were given in Black Ops 3 ​​​​upon their introduction, another factor that the community does not look favourably on.

Regardless of community opinion, there will still be people out there that will spend money on CoD Points to unlock the best guns within the game. All the opposers of CoD Points can hope for is that Activision and Infinity Ward offer an olive branch to those who refuse to spend money on the points, perhaps by increasing Key and/or Salvage earn rate, but that seems unfortunately unlikely.

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