CoD: Infinite Warfare multiplayer Beta begins today

The highly-anticipated Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer beta begins today at 6pm. The first Beta weekend available exclusively on Play Station 4 starts today through Monday,17th Oct, with a second weekend kicking off 21st Oct through 24th Oct on PS4 and Xbox One.

CoD: Infinite Warfare multiplayer Beta
The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta represents a sample of the full multiplayer mode, giving fans access to a slew of its new features and returning features. Beta participants can get hands-on with one of the biggest additions to Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer offering – Combat Rigs. Built around six distinct playstyles, these new combat systems, or suits, offer a whole new level of customisation for the player. Choosing your Rig provides a layer of strategy for fans as they personalise their loadout with selectable abilities, called Payloads or Traits, before heading into battle. Three of the game’s six different Combat Rigs will be available when the Beta kicks off.

The Infinite Warfare Beta features:

  • 3 diverse maps designed to accommodate a variety of engagements
  • several game modes, including fan favourites like Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed
  • a brand new game mode called Defender
  • all built to immerse players into fast, fun, and frenetic gameplay
  • introduction to Mission Teams (by joining different teams and ranking up, players can earn unique rewards including calling cards, camos, emblems, weapons and more).

Players will battle online with a wide array of new weaponry and equipment, have access to new scorestreaks, lethals, tacticals and customisation options that let them tailor their multiplayer experience to suit their play style. Additional multiplayer content, features, maps and game modes will launch with the final game on 4th November.

Gamers who pre-ordered the game on PS4 system will obtain a beta access code for instant access to the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer beta. They will experience Infinite Warfare multiplayer first hand, including all news and more, starting now through 6pm BST, Monday 17th Oct.

The second multiplayer beta weekend will open up to fans who have pre-ordered the game on either PS4 system or Xbox One, and will take place from 6pm BST, Friday, 21st October through 6pm BST, Monday, 24th October. Fans can get more information here.

“Infinite Warfare multiplayer is about customising the experience to fit different play styles, and that begins with Rigs,” said Dave Stohl, Studio Head of Infinity Ward.

 “In the Beta, players will get their hands on our new Rigs, abilities, equipment, and of course our new craftable, prototype weapons. With new maps and modes, there’s a ton of cool new stuff here, and we’re excited to share a slice of multiplayer with the community.  The data we’ll receive over these next two weekends will be helpful as we get ready to share the full multiplayer experience next month at release.”

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