CoD: Infinite Warfare beta extended, adds new gamemode

Worried about running out of time before you get a taste of Infinite Warfare? Don't sweat it -- The beta has been extended for 24 hours. Now you have time to try out the new but familiar gamemode!

PS4 players have extra time and an extra gamemode for the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta.

CoD: Infinite Warfare beta extended
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has had a bit of a rocky launch. With matchmaking issues and server outages, plenty of players feel they've been spending too much time stuck in a pregame lobby and not enough time shooting everything that moves. Perhaps because of this, developer studio Infinity Ward has just announced that PlayStation 4 players will have an extra 24 hours of playtime before the beta ends on Tuesday, October 18th, 10AM PT.

In that same post we also learn that Gun Game, a gamemode featured in previous Call of Duty titles, is now available in the beta. Gamemodes Kill Confirmed and Defender has been moved to the "Mixed" playlist.

Gun Game in a Free for All gamemode where each kill gives you a new weapon, but getting melee'd demotes you to the previous weapon. Get a kill with all 18 weapons to win!

We also learned an interesting thing about Gun Game. The wonderful people at charlieINTEL pointed out that all the weapons, not just the ones restricted in the beta, are used in this type. If you're bored of the weapons you've unlocked, try this gamemode!

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