Classic JRPG horror Mad Father received update

Mad Father, released on Steam and Playism last week, got an updated yesterday. Mostly, the update is about fixes and a few new features.

Classic JRPG horror Mad Father received update
Playism is excited to announce that Mad Father is now available on Playism and Steam! The patch notes for the latest update can be found on the game's page on Steam. Here's the trailer for Mad Father:

Madfather | Playism

Mad  Father

On the eve of the anniversary of her mother’s death, Aya reminisces about the past. With the desire to celebrate with her father, Aya asks her father who readily agrees before sending her to bed. But the hope is quickly shattered when her father’s scream shakes Aya from her sleep. Aya dashes out in hopes to find her father, only to find her house littered with corpses and other horrors. Will the dead engulf Aya? Will she escape with the manor’s assistant, Maria? Or will she save her father from the unknown horrors?

Updates and Improvements

Mad Father is a classic JRPG horror game which has finally been released on Playism and Steam. For this release, a number of things have been updated to the original free version:

  •   Improved map tiles
  •   Some of the art has been redrawn
  •   Some of the unique elements have been changed.
  •   Improved playability

Also, the following changes has been made:

  •  If you stand next to an event, a question mark bubble will appear above the character.
  •  Items will glitter to make them easier to spot.
  •  New events
  •  Ines’ past revealed.
  •  New dialogue.
  •  Some gems have been relocated.
  •  ATE mini games have changed from rapid input to command input.
  •  Some changes to the game’s music
  •  New music inside the mansion.
  •  Second-floor basement music is changed.

Title: Mad Father
Price: $4.99 ($4.49 during launch sale)
Developer: Sen / The Miscreant’s Room
Release Date: September 24th, 2016

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