City Life RPG, Circadian City, Gets Early Access Date

Finally, you can live all 24 hours of your life, good and bad, awake and asleep, in Circadian City! Circadian City brings the vibes of Stardew Valley to the big city with it's early access announcement. The upcoming city life simulator finally has a date for Steam Early Access and is bringing the city life to the fans.

Circadian City Early Access Cover

Circadian City, a city life simulation RPG, will be launching into Steam Early Access on July 24th. The announcement was made via the game’s official Twitter and Steam pages.  

Circadian City falls into the same vein as Stardew Valley but has its own identity in the big city. The game allows players to live out the full 24-hour day/night cycle of their character. During the day, players can go to work, play video games, go on dates, and countless other activities. There are numerous personality types the player can develop, and even more relationships to foster. Players can find a spouse and also get dumped in different manners.  During Early Access, fans will access to the majority of features coming to the full release of Circadian City

At night the dream world allows the player to live out a farming fantasy as well as explore a new vast world with many surreal elements like sleeping giants and flying fish. You can develop stats at night that can translate into the real world when you’re awake and vice versa. The choices and developments you make in your dreams can impact your personality during the day and, ultimately, your life goal. 

Circadian City Gameplay Trailer

The game’s official Discord channel offers new updates as well as a small taste of the personality system that will be present in-game. Circadian City will have its full launch on Nintendo Switch and Steam once it leaves Steam Early Access.


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