CD Projekt Red’s Statement Could Be Cyberpunk 2077 Marketing

The Polish developer's recent Twitter post regarding the theft of stolen assets could be a clever marketing campaign in disguise.

CD Projekt Red's Statement Could Be Cyberpunk 2077 Marketing
As you may have already heard, CD Projekt Red
released a statement via their official Twitter account yesterday claiming that early designs for its upcoming title Cyberpunk 2077 have been stolen and may be leaked out to the public in the coming days.

An image of said Tweet can be found below:

CD Projekt Red Statement Regarding Stolen Documents
Though this is an unfortunate circumstance if true, what may lie underneath is a clever marketing campaign spearheaded by the developer just in time for the gaming festivities next week. CD Projekt Red has said months back that marketing campaigns have already been scheduled for the game, after all.

The scenario sounds a lot like the machinations of a Netrunner, or computer hackers found within the title's lore. Stealing private documents from a corporation on behalf of a client or for the individual him/herself, this is how Netrunners make their money and survive and serves as one of the underlying story threads behind the futuristic sci-fi world itself.

Cyberpunk Netrunner Art
The whole theme actually relies on the concept of moral gray areas, as the same fans responding to CD Projekt's Tweet and typing promises to not investigate further will most likely be the first to look up any information about the game once the leaks do indeed hit the internet. It's a matter of self-control that many people – especially die-hard fans – fail to have.

Though the developer has already stated that it won't have a presence at E3 2017, the similarities between the situation and the work of Netrunners is too similar to not pay attention to. This is the gaming industry's greatest chance to shine during the year, so it makes sense to jump in on all the hype.

Of course, if this is the work of unscrupulous internet hackers, I hope that are caught in a timely manner and do not stand for or encourage this type of behavior.

No matter what happens, my excitement for Cyberpunk 2077 couldn't be any greater.

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  1. Avatar photo

    Is not marketing case. They are actually prosecuting whoever did this . It don’t think they would go this far for marketing purposes.There is in Polish article aobut that.

    • Avatar photo

      It was just speculation on my part. Thanks for the article!

  2. Avatar photo

    I never considered that. A marketing campaign. If true, its well played.

    • Avatar photo

      Exactly what I’m thinking. I don’t know how people would react to it, though.


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