CD Projekt Red to release 2 AAA Titles until the end 2021!

Do you remember the guys who made The Witcher franchise? Well, they had an announcement to make. Come in and see what they had to say.

CD Projekt Red to release 2 AAA Titles until the end 2021!
CD Projekt Red is a company that has turned into a gaming giant in the last few years. They have been endlessly busy making and expanding on their next big game Cyberpunk 2077. However, through all the expanding and team organizings they have been doing lately, they have also talked about their ambitions of expanding their Gameography.

It needs to be said that their politics until 2021 is to release two more AAA titles. One of them is rumored to be connected to The Witcher series. Last year Mr. Adam Kiciński announced that they were working on a project on the side while focusing their main working power on Cyberpunk 2077. A rumor was going around stating that because of the recent activities, this side project has been put on hold or possibly cancelled.

Mr. Adam Kiciński, however, has assured everyone that not only their side project has not been cancelled but there is a second project added to their schedule for the following years until 2021. Although not much is in hand about these two anonymous projects, we know that they will be two AAA titles.

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