CD Projekt Red “Leaves Greed To Others”

Not so long ago, CD Projekt Red top brass by the name of Adam Kicinski took part in an interview that involved some troubling language. We heard phrases like "games as a service" and pushing to make things "more commercially viable". Naturally, it rang alarm bells among many of us. The Witcher 3 developers we all know and love were starting to talk like EA. Thankfully, they have quelled our fears in the best possible way.

CD Projekt Red “Leaves Greed To Others”
The following response from CD Projekt Red comes courtesy of a YouTube channel called Pretty Good Gaming. They posted a concerned tweet to the Witcher 3 devs and in typical CD Projekt Red fashion, we got a spectacular response. Initially, they directly responded to the tweet with the following statement: “Worry not. When thinking CP2077 (Cyberpunk), think nothing less than TW3 (Witcher 3) – Huge single player, open world, story driven RPG. No hidden catch, you get what you pay for. No bullshit, just honest gaming like with Wild Hunt. We leave greed to others”.

It’s that final sentence that truly puts our fears to rest as we clearly see CD Projekt Red’s opinion on the latest Battlefront II debacle. Their timing to step in as the Robin Hood of gaming couldn’t be better. Various gambling authorities from around Europe are currently investigating both Overwatch and Battlefront II for the moral ambiguity of their microtransaction economies. However, CD Projekt Red made sure to write back to Pretty Good Gaming with a fuller response. 


Reaching out in addition to the tweet we just sent your way. 

We want to be transparent towards everyone – gamers and investors alike. And while we never want to do any harm to the way we communicate with gamers, preferably in their own language, because we’re a public company.

During these investor chats, our focus naturally gravitates towards financial issues, but nothing ever changes in our approach towards gamers. We are fully aware that our gamer – centric thinking about development is what allowed us to grow as a studio, and that gamers are the force of nature propelling us forward. 

Thanks for the care you showed by creating your video (in reference to Pretty Good Gaming’s original concerns on the matter), but please don’t be afraid. There’s no need to remind us not to be greedy because changing this industry for the better has been a part of our soul for the last decade, if not more.

Regarding Cyberpunk 2077, please be patient. It will be ready when it’s done. And we sure as hell won’t release it “because a fiscal year is ending”. 

CD Projekt Red “Leaves Greed To Others” - Happy Geralt
Great news indeed. Moving into Cyberpunk and beyond, CD Projekt Red will now have to maintain this picture perfect image they have built themselves, perhaps subjecting them to even more “under the microscope” treatment from gamers. 

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