CD Projekt Red Files Stolen And Being Held for Ransom

Files from the Polish developer have been stolen and held by individuals demanding ransom money lest they release the documents to the internet for all to see. CD Projekt Red has responded by saying it won't cave in to these demands.

CD Projekt Red And Cyberpunk 2077 Files Stolen And Being Held for Ransom
According to a Tweet by Polish developer CD Projekt Red, responsible for the critically acclaimed Witcher series, some of the company's internal documents – including early designs for its upcoming title Cyberpunk 2077 – have been stolen.

What's worse is that the perpetrator (or perpetrators) behind the theft are demanding a ransom for the files' return, otherwise said individual or individuals will leak the files onto the internet for everyone to see.

The developer has responded by saying it will not be giving into the demands, but rather has contacted the authorities. Consequently, it has said that this may lead to the files being leaked out, including the early designs of Cyberpunk 2077. However, CD Projekt Red notes that the files are “old and largely unrepresentative” of the current vision of the game. This being said, if people want to stay unspoiled, they should still avoid any of these files if they do indeed wind up for all to see.

The developer concluded by stating that fans will hear official news regarding the game "when the time is right." The full statement can be found below:

CD Projekt Red Statement Regarding Stolen Documents
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