Caveira has a bug that can give you game-breaking advantage

We all know Caveira is the master of stealth but this is something next level even for her. Even a recent nerf couldn't stop her from hiding a bug, as noticed by a Rainbow Six Siege YouTuber.

Caveira has a bug that can give you game-breaking advantage
Known for having the ability to roam around the map unnoticed for ten seconds. Silent Step not only gives her just more speed and less noise, but it also changes her stance to make it look more realistic to the player that Caveira is in stealth mode. The only problem is that the stance is causing a perspective issue that can ruin your experience if you're playing against her.

As noticed by a YouTuber Get_Flanked, If you activate her super while she is crouched, Caveria shrinks down even further. Which means that if you're taking cover against an object and do this, she becomes invisible, but her perspective is not changed. In more easier words, you can see the enemy from your perspective but the enemy can't see you in their perspective. As you can see in his video below.

What can you do to avoid this bug? At this point nothing but just wait for an update from Ubisoft.

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