Catherine: Full Body’s Western Release Date Announced

The enhanced, upgraded version of Catherine will feature new content including an entirely new love interest. It's already been released in Japan but now we know when it'll come out in the west.

Catherine: Full Body's Western Release Date Announced
Catherine: Full Body might already be out in Japan but Atlas has finally revealed when the enhanced port will release in the west, September 3rd on PlayStation 4 to be exact. I didn't play the original Catherine but my main reason for being so interested in Catherine: Full Body is because I really loved Persona 5 and Catherine's developer team featured a lot of the guys behind Persona 5. Atlas revealed the release date with a new trailer entitled "Fine Wine" which you can watch below.

Catherine stars a man named Vincent who finds himself caught between three women, all named Catherine. As he struggles to choose which girl he wants to be with, he starts to experience vivid, horrifying nightmares. Atlas has also confirmed that the original voice actors, Troy Baker and Laura Bailey will reprise their roles from the original game and unveiled a new special edition for Full Body. The "Heart's Desire" edition of the game comes with a hardcover art book, a copy of the soundtrack and a sheep plush alongside a metal case and special collector's box.

Catherine: Full Body is already available in Japan and will release in western countries on September 3rd, 2019 for PlayStation 4.

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