Castlevania Netflix Anime Series Gets Trailer

What is a trailer? An awesome pile of hype! Today we got our first trailer of the Castlevania series to stream on Netflix this summer! Belmonts, vampires, and more draw blood for victory and drink in this first trailer for Castlevania.

Castlevania Netflix Series Gets Trailer
Announced earlier this year, the Castlevania series that was slated to come to Netflix has had some fans worried. Many were worried the source material wouldn't be respected, and right now anything associated with Konami has a certain stink to it. However, with the first look at the Castlevania series coming to Netflix, some of those fears over quality are being put to rest (in a vampire coffin, of course).

The trailer was first shown by the Latin American Netflix account via a tweet. Since then, Netflix has put out an HD trailer on Youtube (shown above). Now fans have an even better look at the smooth animations and awesome visuals, and will be sure to be picking apart all the minute details looking for more information on the series.

According to Reddit user /u/Marumariball, it appears as if the series will be taking its basis from Castlevania III, based on the appearances of characters in the trailer that have a striking resemblance to the characters Sypha, Grant, Trevor, and Alucard. The user also speculates that comic book writer Warren Ellis is behind the show's script.

Whatever the case, Castlevania fans will be licking their fangs for more until the series releases on Netflix on July 7th.


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    Looks pretty cool. I’m looking forward to watching at least the first episode to see how it turns out.

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      Depending on the season length, I usually go for a three episode trial period, unless the first episode is overwhelmingly bad. Some of my favorite shows had a really weak first episode, but picked up shortly after. This will likely be a 10 episode show, +/- 3, so I’m going to give it a 2-3 episode trial.


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