Castle Kong Tournament Begins February 25th

Drowning Monkey Games is putting some cash on the line with their upcoming release, Castle Kong. A throwback to the retro arcade classics of old (it's obvious which one!), what matters most is getting that high score. On February 25, Switch players will get their own shot at a slice of the $3.5k pie.

Castle Kong Tournament Begins February 25thA new battle is approaching! Drowning Monkeys Games is celebrating the launch of their new title, Castle Kong, with a tournament offering up $3.5k in cash prizes to players who can dominate the leaderboard. All of the relevant rules and information are available on their tournament page, where they break down the prize tiers and ranking requirements.

Castle Kong is available now on Steam and will be released for Nintendo Switch on February 25. The tournament for the Nintendo Switch version starts that same day.

Castle Kong High Score Tournament Announce Trailer

Castle Kong is heavily inspired by Donkey Kong, and considering the lasting hype that follows the high scores of that title, the developers hope to channel some of that frenetic energy for a new generation of players. Boasting 22 levels across four stages, the game even supports the Flip Grip accessory, allowing players to play the game in a vertical orientation, reminiscent of arcade classics.

Are you going to step up and try your hand at grabbing some cash? Or will you let BaronMan get away with PrincessGirl? The choice is yours!

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