Capcom Store USA Is Announced For Imminent Closure

Capcom Store USA is sending out an announcement to its loyal consumers, suggesting its upcoming closure. Although word about the pending shutdown did not leave an explanation as to why or whether it will be for good this time, it seems to boil down to commercial performance it gets in the United States. Meanwhile, avid fans and consumers would still have time to make a few last purchases from the platform or use their existing Capcom Points for certain goodies.

Capcom Store USA Is Announced For Imminent Closure Cover

After at least two decades of on and off operations, Capcom Store USA is set for closure on May 1.

Since starting its business in 2000, the USA branch of Capcom Store has seen itself closing shop on a few occasions. Only to return time and time again with a fresh paint of coat to its storefront. For consumers, the store makes for a source for Capcom titles, including pre-orders and authentic franchise-related merchandise. That means items like pins, keychains, clothing, artbooks, and more.

But what made the shop stand out from its competition is its exclusive membership program. An incentive-based offering that awards avid consumers unique perks, like Membership Badges and Capcom Points, with their purchases. The latter of which can be accrued for special rewards, like Monster Hunter: World Nergigante figure, Darkstalkers artbook, or Street Fighter belt.

Despite brand popularity, it seems that the US storefront didn’t seem to parallel the success of its Japanese and European counterparts. So much so that the Capcom Store USA announced on Twitter its closure.

It’s uncertain why or whether the said shutdown will be permanent this time. But it implies urgency among existing fans to place orders on existing stocks once last time. Or, in the case of existing consumers, use their accumulated points before they vanish along with the digital shop.

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