Capcom Expects Resident Evil 7 To Sell 10 Million Units

Capcom Is Looking For Its Newest Resident Evil To Reach The 10 Million Units Sold Milestone. Series Best Seller was Resident Evil 5 Which Achieved Around 7 Million Units.

Capcom Expects Resident Evil 7 To Sell 10 Million Units
Japanese developer is looking for big sales to be met for what is arguably it's most important franchise. Capcom hopes that survival horror sensation Resident Evil 7 can reach the 10 million units sold lifetime mark. The game has apparently missed the initial sales forecast at it reached just 3.5 million copies shipped across platforms out of an expected amount of 4 million as told to investors. Capcom now hopes that the game can have a long life as a catalog title and reach the desired 10 million units through time.

This information was revealed in a post-earnings Q&A where it was also learned that the initial sales of Resident Evil 7 was outpaced by predecessor Resident Evil 6. The Japanese developer, however, attributes part of this discrepancy to the rise of digital sales. On a happier note, it seems that Resident Evil 7 already recovered its development costs when the game shipped 2.5 million units. It's safe to conclude that the game's sales moving forward are all profit for the company.

The series best seller was Resident Evil 5 with sales hitting around 7.2 million units. No entry in the franchise ever reached the 10 million mark yet. So the sales target seems to be very ambitious.

What do our readers think, will Resident Evil 7 reach 10 million units? Let us know below in the comment section.

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