Can You Become The Ultimate Gamer In The World And Win $1 Million?

Have you got the skills to pay the bills? Well thanks to Ultimate Gamer, you have the chance to win $1 million by proving you have the gaming ability necessary to conquer other players worldwide in a tournament to find the best player in the world.

Ultimate Gamer Cover

That’s right, Ultimate Gamer are looking to crown the Ultimate Gamer to prove themselves over a large number of disciplines, and net themselves a bumper payday of $1 million in the process. Featuring some of the world’s leading online games e.g Overwatch, Call of Duty, League of Legends, FIFA, and Rainbow Six: Siege, it’s going to be a test of a gamer’s versatility.

Initially, players will battle for 4 weeks in the “Premier Worldwide Challenge”. Upon its completion, the competition will be scaled down massively to just 3,500 gamers to fight in the “Major Online Challenge”. Once the dust has settled on this tournament, we then move onto the endgame. The top 70 qualifiers, plus 30 invited and wild cards, will then duke it out in the official “Live World Championship” to see who is rightfully the “Best Gamer in the World” and take home the treasure.

Ultimate Gamer was founded by Steve Suarez, who took interest in gaming in 2017. Suarez has always had a talent for forecasting trends. His experience includes ideating and executing festivals like Wodapalooza, which he sold in 2018, and Super Bowl LIV. He had this to say:

“I have always had a passion for creating audience experiences,” explains Steve. “I wanted to combine my experience with my hobby, and I began to envision a new way to bring the gaming community together. That vision is now Ultimate Gamer. ” 

Overwatch Gameplay Trailer

You can start registering right now and put your name in the hat for this fabulous opportunity!


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