Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2 Is in Development According to New Leak

A recent rumor points to a supposed sequel to 2014's futuristic Call Of Duty titled Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Though the source of this information is rather ambiguous, leaker Ralph Valve is rather trusted by the Call Of Duty community after being right about his claims in the past.

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare 2 Is In Development According To New Leak

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II is just around the corner and with the game set to have a two-year lifecycle, it appears that Activision is abandoning its yearly Call Of Duty release schedule for the time being. Since this announcement, it is expected that Treyarch would develop the next game following Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare II. Whilst nothing is known about Treyarch’s next title, a new rumor has surfaced regarding Sledgehammer’s future installment. This surprising leak claims that Sledgehammer Games aim to take the series back to the future with a sequel to Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Here is everything you need to know.

Call Of Duty: Advance Warfare 2 is reportedly in development

Call Of Duty: Advance Warfare 2 is reportedly in development

Call Of Duty: Advance Warfare 2 Is Allegedly in Development

This latest claim comes from Ralph Valve, a credible leaker within the Call Of Duty community, and states that Sledgehammer Games are working on a sequel to 2014’s Advanced Warfare. Ralph states in his latest report that the studio originally planned on developing a sequel to Call Of Duty: Vanguard, but after that game fell short of expectations Activision supposedly greenlit a pitch for Advanced Warfare 2. Sledgehammer Games’ next title will reportedly use the IW 9.0 engine, but no concrete information has been presented as of yet.

Whilst Ralph has been right with his claims in the past, other known sources have cast doubt on this latest rumor. CharlieIntel, another credible source for Call Of Duty-related information, has since reported against the Advanced Warfare 2 claim. CharlieIntel states that such a game is not currently in development and that there is no concrete information on Sledgehammer’s next title.

For those excited about a potential futuristic Call Of Duty game, make sure to take this information with a grain of salt. As of right now, it is unclear what the popular first-person shoot franchise has in store following Modern Warfare II‘s two-year lifecycle.

SOURCE: Ralph Valve/WhatIfGaming

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