Buy Great Gaming Hardware in Black Friday Savings

From now until December 3rd, GearBest are slashing prices for Black Friday and beyond. Become the savvy shopper you always knew you were and bag yourself some hefty savings.

GearBest Black Friday Savings


Black Friday seems to arrive quicker every year, it feels like only yesterday it was last year's Black Friday. When money is tight and times are tough, who doesn't love a good discount?

Find out below what products are going to be slashed in price and find out what products are currently on offer over at GearBest.

From the 14th to the 21st of November the discounts start coming on items such as watches and sunglass and other home appliances. The good stuff, the stuff you are here for comes later, from the 21st to the 26th computer and office gear gets the Black Friday treatment. Be sure to keep an eye on GearBest incase something extra exciting pops up.

colorufl iGame 1050Ti

Some Flash Sale savings also include the Colorful iGame 1050Ti graphics card is currently on offer at a 36% discount. Meaning it currently only costs $170. If you are in the market for a high performance, low cost graphics card then this card could be just what you are looking for. Just be sure to be quick as this item is selling fast.

GearBest Black Friday Savings - iGame GTX 1050Ti
The Colorful iGame 1050Ti has a full metal panel design making it extra sturdy and you will need that extra mass to keep everything in check as this is one serious card; which can be made even beefier by using the built in boost button to release the full potential. With an IPP power supply scheme meaning low consumption of energy and resources, you are getting serious bang for your buck. The Colorful iGame 1050Ti also features SLI technology, 768 CUDA cores and will max out resolution-wise at a not too shabby 7680 x 4320!

GameSir Z1

Do you find that a normal keyboard gets in the way or takes up too much space on your desk when playing first or third person shooters? Or do you think on-screen virtual controls on mobile shooters are a bit naff?

GearBest Black Friday Savings - GameSir Z1Then the GameSir Z1 may ease your woes. Connect either via wire or bluetooth to play on PC or mobile, respectively. Featuring mechanical and reprogrammable keys with a response time of 0.08ms as well as 4 built in profiles for the LEDs. Powered by a 200mAh lithium ion battery for longer play sessions. Or play wired using the USB-c connector. Currently on offer at $65.99.

Alfawise V2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

If you prefer to game on a full size standard keyboard then you may be more interested in the Alfawise V2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard which we have reviewed here

GearBest Black Friday Savings - Alfawise V2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard
The Alfawise V2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard is currently on sale at a 27% discount meaning that now is most certainly the best time to buy; if you are in the market for a new keyboard that sports: RGB backlights, 5 programmable macro keys, macro recording, all key anti-ghosting giving higher accuracy and faster response times and much, much more for only $45.99

Alfawise B1 Barebone Game Mini PC

What good is a keyboard without a PC to use it with? That's where the Alfawise B1 Barebone Game Mini PC comes in. Currently with a 41% discount, putting it at very respectable $469.99.

The Alfawise B1 Barebone Game Mini PC features an Intel-core i7 6700HQ, a GeForce GTX 960M, offering 640 shader units clocked at 1097 – 1202 MHz (Boost), as well as 4GB Video RAM, dual channel DDR4 RAM with a max of 32gb  there are also 2 M.2 slots bringing access to both SSD and HDD memory of any size. Topped off with integreated dual band 2.4 and 5ghz wifi as well as gigabit LAN.

For the price you pay, thats not too shabby at all in my books. Also when you stand it up and look at it from the side it kind of looks like an old Xbox 360 and that ammuses me greatly.

Super Mini SFC console

If you are more of a console game, or retro gamer, you may be more interested in the Super Mini SFC console which as you can tell by the image above bears a striking resemblance to a certain super family computer, if you catch my drift. This specific console has also been reviewed by us, and that can be found hereshould you want a more in-depth look at the product before you make a purchasing desicion. Currently selling for $20.93.

GearBest Black Friday Savings - Super Mini SFC
Coming equipped with 620 in-built games, no doubt featuring some of your old school favourites, broken down in to 6 specific genre categories. I don't know what else to tell you about this one, it's basically a SNES Mini for a fraction of the price. The only drawback I can find is that it isn't HDMI but that's something that adds to its retro charm. For the price you are paying not having HDMI support really shouldn't be a deal breaker.

For more information about what is coming down in price and when, be sure to check the GearBest Blog as well as GearBest itself.

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