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Bungie Are ”Not Disappointed” with Destiny 2 Forsaken

Although Activision are not pleased with the sales of Destiny 2 Forsaken, the development team at Bungie are ''not disappointed'' with the shared world shooter's recent expansion.

Bungie Are ''Not Disappointed'' with Destiny 2 Forsaken
Recent reports have stated that the publishers, Activison, aren’t happy with Destiny 2 Forsaken sales. However, the director of Bungie’s shared world sci-fi shooter has stated the developers have a different view.

In a recent Activision Blizzard earnings call, the company stated that the Destiny franchise is ‘‘not performing as well’’ as they would like. Contrary to this, the game director of Destiny 2, Luke Smith, has expressed on Twitter that the development team at Bungie are ‘‘not disappointed’’ with Forsaken.  

The base game and the first two expansions, Curse of Osiris and Warmind, didn’t satisfy a large number of Destiny players. Forsaken has changed the opinions of many though and has brought back a lot of players who lost interest. The latest Destiny 2 expansion has been a huge hit for the hardcore players. The Destiny fan-base are generally very happy with Forsaken and the content that came with it.

Bungie evidently wish to continue catering for hardcore fans who love Destiny whilst Activision seem to have a huge hunger to please their investors. Could these conflicting points of view between the developers and publishers have a negative impact on the future of franchise?

In regard to the future of Destiny, it's worth noting that an online rumour which surfaced last month suggested that Destiny 3 is already in production.

Destiny 2 Forsaken is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The base game, Destiny 2, is available to download on PC for free right now via Battle.net.