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Build Your Own “Playground” in Dirt 5

Dirt 5 will receive a brand new feature called "playground", letting players creature their own track. Whether you want a fast track or a tricky one, it's all up to you. Dirt 5 lets you build your very own obstacle course to play around with and push the car to its own limits.

Build your own playground in Dirt 5

We’re slowly approaching to the Dirt 5 release and Codemasters has even more content and features to reveal! The latest reveal shows a new feature called “playground”, letting every player in Dirt 5 build their own tracks. The concept of this feature is to let people create their own obstacle courses. Dirt 3 featured obstacle courses as well, however, they were created by the team and not the players. Now you’re in control of the whole event. Players will have the option to create their own track on three different locations with three different type of challenges. 

  • Gymkhana – score points by performing stunts
  • Gate crasher – checkpoints
  • Smash attack – hit certain objects on the track

Players will be able put out obstacles around the arena such as ramps, loops and vehicles, making every track unique. You have the option to share and let other players grade your own track. This is similar to Forza Horizon 4’s custom blueprint routes, but more extensive and dramatic. However, you’re not allowed to choose any car in this game. It’s restricted to only a few cars to make the leaderboards more competitive. Otherwise, the game might face issues like Forza Horizon 4 had previously. 

Dirt 5 - Playgrounds Trailer | PS4, PS5

Dirt 5 will surely become a long-lasting game, especially with the new playground feature. Sadly, the game got a slight delay, but we’re looking ahead of hours to be spent on this game. 

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  1. Honestly this kind of reminds me a lot of what they used to have in Exitebike and the Trackmania games so I am really excited to see what the players can produce with it when it comes out.


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