[email protected] coming to PC early 2017

Kick some ASCII with the PC release of [email protected] Video game publisher Rising Star Games today announced a partnership with Stormcloud Games to bring the popular and critically-applauded dungeon crawler [email protected] to PC in early 2017.

Brut@l coming to PC early 2017
The console version of [email protected] released earlier this month has been widely well-received by critics. GameInformer praises the game’s “meaty” and “enjoyable, squishy combat” while HardcoreGamer awarded the game ‘4 out of 5’ praising the art style, stating it is “one of the most surprisingly compelling yet charming aesthetic decisions of any game I’ve played in recent times” and also “one of the year’s most unique art directions.”

PlayStationLifestyle awards the game a ‘7.5 out of 10’ declaring “this is a quest worth embarking upon” and PlayStationUniverse’s ‘7.5 out of 10’ review asserts that “co-operative play in [email protected] manifests itself as a proper treat.”

A modern re-imagining of the classic ASCII dungeon crawler, [email protected] fuses old-school gaming with a stunning 3D visual style to create something the critics are calling a “hugely entertaining, visually striking experience” in DigitallyDownloaded, ‘4-star’ review.

Choose your [email protected] hero: Ranger, Mage, Warrior or Amazon then descend into a procedurally-generated world constructed entirely of ASCII. Your goal? Reach the 26th floor, vanquish the fearsome Guardian of the Dungeon and claim his crown!

Share the adventure by exploring [email protected]’s dungeon with a friend in local co-op, lay waste to hordes of enemies that stand between you and floor 26, and evoke the nostalgia of all-night gaming sessions from years past.

Learn more in our review!
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