Broken Age to be playable on Xbox One?

The award-winning puzzle and exploration game to be playable on Xbox One as per reports. After two years of release from PC, will this be the time around to make a mark on Xbox One?

Broken Age to be playable on Xbox One?Indie-games are turning tables these days. With games like Inside and Ori and The Blind Forest, people are loving indie-titles more. Nothing less to say about Double Fine's Broken Age, which released two years back on PC and later on PS4, PS Vita, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Some Reddit users via Eurogamer discovered that PEGI reports for Broken Age have been revealed for Xbox One console. That means the game could make way for Microsoft's console soon, but no official announcements were made yet.

Result for Broken Age on PEGI
The fact that the game was released two years back for PS4 and Vita consoles could end any exclusivity deals in between. However, it's just an assumption. Also, ESRB for the United States has no rating for an Xbox One version of Broken Age in its database. We will update the condition if Double Fine does make an announcement, as soon as possible.

Broken Age was one of the most crowdfunded projects on Kickstarter. With its amazing storyline and characters, it had attracted many gamers in the past. Its arrival on Xbox One will surely make Microsoft's users happy. The upcoming highly anticipated, Psychonauts 2 from this studio has been already announced for Xbox One.

What do you think about Broken Age on Xbox One? Fill it out in the comments below.

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