Bravo Team For PlayStation VR Gets a Release Date

Supermassive Games announced earlier this year that they are making Bravo Team, a first-person shooter for PlayStation VR. Now we have a release date for Bravo Team for later this year. Within this first-person shooter, you can play both solo and co-op, and fight your way through the streets of a fictional European city.

Bravo Team For PlayStation VR Gets a Release Date
During Sony's E3 Press Conference earlier this year Supermassive Games announced two new PlayStation VR games. One of those games was a first-person cover based shooter, titled Bravo Team.

In a recent PlayStation Blog post, Supermassive detailed a release date for the game as well as some new details. Firstly, Bravo Team can be played in both single-player and two-player online co-op. Bravo Team also places you in a fictional, modern-day European city. The game also takes full use of the PS VR Aim controller.

Bravo Team looks to be a fun and intense experience. And, you can play Bravo Team later this year when it releases for PS4 on December 5 in North America and December 6 in Europe.

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