Borderlands 3 Announced, More Information To Come Next Week

Gearbox has finally announced the long-awaited third Borderlands game after an hour of the most awkward boring nonsense I've ever experienced. The trailer for Borderlands 3 looks great though.

Borderlands 3 Announced, More Information To Come Next Week
After an hour of intense boredom, technical errors and the world's most smug magician performing what felt like the longest magic trick in existence. Gearbox finally announced Borderlands 3. I'm not sure if sitting through that hour beforehand was really worth it but hey, we got there in the end I guess.

The trailer's got plenty of information in it. We can see tons of familiar faces, the previous vault hunters from Borderlands 1 and 2. Rhys from the sadly deceased Telltale Games' Tales from the Borderlands series, Brick playing a Saxophone and many more characters return. Vehicle combat is still a part of the game and naturally, we can see the new vault hunters in action too. One's a super buff siren from the looks of it, while another hunter seems to use a mech in some way during combat.

There's a ton of action in the trailer along with the usual promises. Billions of guns, 4 player co-op and claptrap break dancing. Despite having a pretty packed trailer compared to most announcement trailers Gearbox isn't quite done yet. More information on Borderlands 3 will be revealed next week on April the 3rd.

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