Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Trailer Revealed

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk reveal trailer gives us a look at what to expect from the Jet Set Radio spiritual successor from the indie developer Team Reptile, giving us an early glimpse at tricks, graffiti, and music from Hideki Naganuma.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Trailer Revealed Cover

Team Reptile has revealed the first trailer for their new game, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, which looks to be a spiritual successor to the Dreamcast cult classic Jet Set Radio. Much like its inspiration, this upcoming release will feature a futuristic urban setting with a highly stylised low-poly aesthetic, as well as a trick system for traversal and a graffiti painting mechanic. It will also feature music from the original Jet Set Radio composer Hideki Naganuma.

This is not the first time Team Reptile has shown their love for Sega’s cel-shaded extreme sports adventure originally released in 2000, as they are behind the two Lethal League games which also took a lot of inspiration in terms of style and tone. But while those previous releases were arcade fighting games, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is going a step further by iterating on much of the gameplay of Jet Set Radio as well, allowing players to explore an open city as they trick and tag their way up the ranks of rival graffiti crews.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - Official Trailer

Currently Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is set for release in 2022 on PC and consoles, although which platforms exactly have not yet been announced.

What do you think about the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk reveal trailer? Are you a fan of Jet Set Radio excited to see how this stacks up? Let us know in the comments.

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