Blood & Truth Promises Amazing VR Gunplay

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s, London Studio once brought us The London Heist. Many found themselves yearning for a full version of the game. It had great characters and despite its brevity, the story was awesome. That yearning will soon be attended to after the reveal of Blood And Truth.

Blood And Truth has players inhabiting the action packed life of ex-military Ryan Marks. While little has yet been revealed, what can tell from the trailer is a kind of John Wick revenge story. Expect lots of gritty Londoner accents. We can also expect an equally immersive world as London Heist. In the trailer, we can see Blood And Truth is no mere on-rails shooter. It looks like we have stealth elements incorporated into Blood And Truth, offering a tactical slant should players choose.

This is great as we’ve not had a PSVR title that allows a variety of playstyles within a shooter. Thanks to Sony Interactive Entertainment and the funding it brings, voice acting appears to be top notch as we shoot our way through this Brit action adventure game. Check out the trailer below to get a taste. 

Blood And Truth is exclusive to the PlayStation VR and no release date is yet available.

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