Bless Online – massive pvp content

Bless Online - massive pvp content in the second closed beta.

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Don't you want to kill some foes? After you watch the trailer below, you will.

The battlefield will be huge and will handle 200v200 players. The goal is to secure the guardian stone in the middle of the battlefield. Of course as in other similar games and battles you will siege other keeps, castles, kill NPC bosses and more.

Another battlefield implemented in the game is an open world pvp without number limit. You will fight and collect points to summon firnedly NPCs.

The whole strategy will get more personal because every side will have a leader who will be chosen from the guild which reaches required influence points. But every king can be killed and the same counts here. Players can challenge current Lord / Governor in the battle to sit on the throne.

It seems a little bit similar to Elder Scrolls Online but the mechanics here should be more detailed and interesting. It is just a beginning and more content will be added later.

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