BlazBlue: Central Fiction Limited Edition revealed

The contents found within the fourth entry in the fighting game franchise's limited edition have been detailed, as well as a new character revealed as free DLC post-launch. The publisher also confirmed via Twitter that the title will not feature English voice acting.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Limited Edition revealed
Publisher Aksys Games and developer Arc System Works announced yesterday a limited edition for their highly anticipated upcoming fighter BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Shipping with a deluxe 100-page hardcover art book, BlazBlue song interlude soundtrack, and a mini Noel Vermillion Nendoroid figurine, it was also revealed that a new fighter from the XBlaze series, Es, will join the brawl as a free downloadable character on PSN for the first two weeks after launch.

All of the content found within the limited edition set of BlazBlue: Central Fiction
Gameplay of Es, a new playable character in BlazBlue: Central Fiction
Second gameplay screenshot of Es, a new character playable in BlazBlue: Central Fiction
Aksys also confirmed via Twitter that the game will not ship with English voice acting, and that there are no plans to dub the title post-release

BlazBlue: Central Fiction releases October 6 in Japan, Winter 2016 in North America, and Q4 2016 in Europe for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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