Black PS5 Faceplates in Production From dbrand

Owners of Sony's new console will soon be able to buy black PS5 faceplates, manufactured by Canadian company dbrand, which had previously said it would not produce skins to go over the faceplates that come with the console. These faceplates, which can entirely replace the generic ones, will be available to order in 2021.

Black PS5 Faceplates In Production From dbrandIt’s good news this week for anyone looking to customise their new PlayStation console. Canadian company dbrand, which are experts in creating skins for products, announced via Reddit that it is now producing black PS5 faceplates. Previously, dbrand had made clear it would not manufacture skins for the standard white faceplates; explaining this decision, it stated that customers would have “no chance” of applying the skins correctly. However, it turns out the other reason the company cancelled skins was because of these faceplates. This new product can be simply fitted onto the side of the PS5 in place of the standard white sides.

These faceplates, however, will be available to order for at least a few months. The firm said that it wouldn’t accept orders until all of its stock is at the Toronto headquarters; in an explanation, with a jab at CD Projekt RED, that “selling products before they’re finished is a bad idea”. Although full production will be underway by the end of 2020, the Canadian company warned that stock would likely sell out fast; many customers will likely have to wait for more stock as dbrand rolls ahead with production.

However, there’s still a big question surrounding all of this: what is Sony going to do? In November, another company looking to make custom faceplates cancelled all orders after Sony took legal action against them. While Sony has not made any comment on these new faceplates yet, dbrand doesn’t look like it’ll be backing down from a legal challenge, as it told Sony: “sue us”. With no black PS5 faceplates sold yet, there may be a significant legal battle on the horizon. Sony will want to prevent any sales from happening, but with faceplates about to enter production, it’ll have to be quick. 

DBrand Have Dared Sony To Sue Them For Their Custom PS5 Faceplates!
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