Black Panther Revealed for Marvel’s Avengers

Square Enix have finally announced an upcoming Black Panther expansion for Marvel's Avengers, titled 'War for Wakanda'. The reveal was made at the publisher's live stream today, which also included a roadmap for the struggling game. No official date has been set for the new expansion yet, however, a launch window of 2021 has been set.

Black Panther Revealed for Marvel's Avengers cover

Square Enix revealed the third expansion for Marvel’s Avengers today, titled War for Wakanda. The teaser trailer showcased the African kingdom, alongside a first glimpse of the DLC’s hero – Black Panther.

The expansion will release for free sometime in 2021, with more details to come in the months ahead. For now, the game’s official website highlights what to expect from the future update. 

Black Panther is coming in 2021 along with more Villains like Klaw, a new enemy Faction, the Wakandan Jungle Biome, a new Outpost, a Power Level cap increase, and much more. This will be the biggest content drop since launch. We can’t wait to show you everything that is coming with Wakanda.

Currently, the only replayable villains are Taskmaster and Abomination with Maestro recently added to the game, however he bares a striking resemblance to the latter. Therefore, a fresh and distinctive antagonist such as Klaw will be a much welcome addition. On top of this is the Wakandan Jungle location, which will offer players a new area to explore and level up their heroes.

Marvel's Avengers - Black Panther Reveal Trailer

Finally, We Have a Roadmap

The War for Wakanda update wasn’t the only Avengers news at the Square Enix Presents event, however. The unveiling of a content roadmap shows what’s heading to the game in the coming months. This spring, for instance, will see more ‘Tachyon Rift’ missions appear, as well as new HARM Room activities. 

As for the summer, Monica Rappaccini takes centre-stage, as she gets her very own villain sector – ‘Cosmic Cube’. There will also be the addition of a new mission type called ‘Wasteland Patrol’, taking place in the new region unlocked with today’s Future Imperfect update.

Roadmap for Marvel's Avengers

Roadmap for Marvel’s Avengers

The game will be getting post-game content too. Activities such as ‘Megahives’ and ‘Omega Level Threats’ will make use of maxed-out heroes and offer more incentive for players to grind. It is currently unknown as to what these types of missions exactly entail and when they will be releasing. 

Developer Crystal Dynamics recently made a number of changes to the game’s XP system, resulting in a slower levelling process. It is also in the process of reworking how cosmetics are obtained by offering more player agency when acquiring items such as outfits. 

Marvel’s Avengers is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam.

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