Black Ops 4 Expects 7 Hours A Day From Players

Since its recent release, Black Ops 4 has received commercial and critical praise. In the days since its release, suspicions have begun to emerge about an impending microtransaction and paid loot box system. All of this is simply a rumour. However, recent analysis of the game’s progression only serves to bolster the suspicion that soon, Activision may expect normal people with full time jobs to get to tier 200 with nothing but their wallets.

Black Ops 4 Expects 7 Hours A Day From Players

Black Ops 3 introduced a Black Market system design to its progression. It was an RNG luck based system that could be paid for in-game. Early last week Activision and Treyarch announced that it would be returning to Black Ops 4 and, given the timescales explained so far, one gamer has discovered that we will have to play just under seven hours a day to reach tier 200 within certain timed events. 

If the max tier of 200 is something you’d like to aim for, prepare for very little sleep and lots of energy drinks. Reddit user DuvelMe did some calculations on Black Ops 4’s progression system and here’s what he had to say: 

"The amount of time it takes right now to go up a tier is way too much," writes the user. "I don’t know if it is time based or xp based but right now it seems like it would take you at least 10 games of TDM or KC to go up a tier. There’s only about 50 days to get to tier 200, which means that you’d have to go up about 4 tiers a day, that’s 40 games every single day. Let’s say every game lasts for about 10 minutes. that’d mean that i’d have to play 400 minutes or 6 hours and 40 minutes straight every single day just to reach tier 200. Please don’t tell me y’all are forcing people to buy their way to tier 200, that’d be garbage."

That last bit will likely be a sticking point for many gamers. As much as we wouldn’t like it, it would be a smart move from Activision’s perspective to release a game without predatory practices, let it get rave reviews, and insert them in later. Given Activision’s penchant for monetisation in their games, this would be hardly surprising in an age where games like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey aim to bore players into buying XP boosters just to have some fun. 

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