Black Myth: Wukong Drops An Unexpected Thrilling Trailer

A trailer for the game Black Myth: Wukong has dropped unexpectedly. It shows 13 minutes of gameplay from a pre-alpha build. Coming from a Chinese developer Game Science Studio, their title is based on the classic novel "Journey to the West". Set in this mystic mythology, you play as the Monkey King using martial arts and magic to fight foes in lush environments.

Black Myth: Wukong Drops An Unexpected Thrilling Trailer Cover

From a fairly unknown Chinese developer Game Science Studio comes a title based on the classic Chinese novel “Journey to the West”. Black Myth: Wukong is an action-adventure RPG that takes you to the mythological world set by the novel it’s based on. With no release date, the game is set to release on PC and consoles.

The video presented 13 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay. Although the footage is recorded from a pre-alpha game build, its stunning visuals and Souls-like combat has attracted gamers across the internet. What’s even more eye-catching is the fighting style. Black Myth‘s combat is based on martial arts.

Even if the fighting is grounded in reality, the “Monkey King” you play as can also transform into different species. The gameplay starts with you flying across the jungle as a golden cicada. You’re not the only beast in the game, though. Near the end of the trailer shows you battling against a demonic wolf-like creature.

black myth wukong trailer gameplay

Your weapon lights with fire, along with many other different abilities you have.

The studio in the past has worked on 3 other games, one of them being the fairly popular Art Of War: Red TidesThe company was founded in 2014 by ex-Tencent Games staff. While originally focusing on mobile games, their efforts are now all in on this single-player experience.

With already more than 2 years of development, it seems closer than it truly is. The build is still in pre-alpha, meaning the game may not release for another couple of years. No matter how long it takes, the internet seems to have taken a liking to this fantastical game.

Black Myth: Wukong - Official 13 Minutes Gameplay Trailer

Watch the full gameplay here. Are you excited for this title? Let us know!

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