Black Friday sales are up in Blizzard’s online store

Blizzard’s special offers and discounts for Black Friday have arrived with a few days to spare. Starting now and until November 26 you can save up to 66% on all the content available in Blizzards online store and platform BATTLE.NET which includes fan-favorite games such as World of Warcraft, Overwatch and Destiny 2.

Blizzard's Black Friday Sales
Just moments ago the much awaited Black Friday's special offers and discounts arrived at Blizzard's online Store BATTLE.NET. Starting today and until next Monday 26th of November players will be able to purchase content as well as games for cheaper prices than they normally would. Discounts vary by item, so on average players will be able to save $10 and $20 US Dollars – sometimes halving a games price – and include everything from complete games to in-game content and special packs of DLCs.

Black Friday sales are among the most awaited events by gamers who are often overwhelmed by the amount of content available for their favorite games, so everyone who is currently playing a game by Blizzard or is thinking of picking up one of their online-multiplayers should make sure to profit from this opportunity that comes only once a year.

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