Black Desert Online console port could be on the horizon

Creators of the popular Korean MMO mentioned during a press conference at Gamescom yesterday that a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release of the game could be on the horizon, hinting that "there is always a possibility."

Black Desert Online console port could be on the horizon
During a press conference at Gamescom today, developer Pearl Abyss's Lead Producer Jae Hee Kim and Head of Game Design Suh Won Choi mentioned that a console port of their popular MMO Black Desert Online is under consideration.

Though the team is currently focused on stabilizing and maintaining the game on PC, an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version could be possible somewhere further along the line, as the creators mentioned: "there is always a possibility."

The developer also announced that a new Dark Elf class will be available on Korean servers by the end of this year. At launch, the class will only have a female option, though a male sex may also be available in the near future.

Black Desert Online is a sandbox MMORPG perhaps best known for its stunning visuals. In development since 2010, the title entered closed beta in October 2013, then released for North America and Europe on March 3 this year.

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