Bitmap Books Are making Sega Master System Compendium

Bitmap Books is an award winning independent publisher of retro gaming books covering the early days of home computers and consoles. They are soon to release their 6th volume which will be a Sega Master System compendium. The Book will be funded via Kickstarter soon.

Bitmap Books Are making Sega Master System Compendium
Whether you're a retro gaming veteran or just getting in to it, Bitmap Books is definitely a company to a close eye on. Producing high quality hard covered compendiums on retro consoles full of facts on games, both well known and hidden gems. Recently, they announced their 6th edition to their roster and its all about the legendary. SEGA Master System. In a recent Tweet Bitmap Books stated:
'' We’re delighted to finally announce the 6th volume in our series of visual compendiums, which will be focused on the SEGA Master System. Kickstarter campaign will launch on Monday 7th May at 7am BST.''

.Bitmap Books Are making Sega Master System Compendium  SEGA Master System 
These books are a real nice edition to any collection but they really show their value when you're either collecting for a console for the first time or are struggling to research more games for one. 
There is currently no information on what the tiers have to offer on their upcoming Kickstarter campaign so keep your eye peeled! Will you be supporting this campaign?

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